Astrology for Windows

Astrology for Windows 3.0

Astrology for Windows is a program that calculates charts and aspect tables

Astrology for Windows is a program that calculates charts and generates aspect tables to be used for astrological readings. After you type in the relevant date, time and location data in the input screen, an astrological chart with positions of celestial bodies is generated. The Placidus house system is selected by default, but six other house systems can be selected depending on your preference. The house systems that can be chosen are Placidus, Koch, Equal House - Western sign, Equal House - Eastern sign, Campanus, Porphyry or Alcabitius. Unlike many other astrological programs, this program includes the planet Chiron.

The program offers a handy wheel with adjustable aspect lines, which enables the user to improve the presentation of generated charts. Another upside of this program is the ease with which generated information can be transferred to other applications in text format, which enables users to use program output as input for other programs or to generate reports using the images generated by the program. Up to one hundred profiles of user data can be stored in the program, to calculate various transits and compatibilities at a later date.

Saskia van der Elst
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  • Lots of additional features, like city maps
  • Extensive help
  • Includes an introduction to astrology


  • Outdated
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